Important Information for KTW Families - April 13, 2020

  April 13, 2020


Hello Families!                                                                                                                                                                                    


These are very strange times and we have been thinking about all of you. We miss the smiling faces of your children and tween and teenagers running into the school every day. We hope you are all feeling safe and well.

Here is some information for you about how things are going to work now that we are trying our best to deliver education while not actually inside the school.

It’s a lot of information. We have tried our best to be clear and to answer as many of the questions that you might have that we could think of.

We have done our best to be very careful while putting the packages together for your children. If you are worried about germs, you can leave the packages alone (without opening/touching all the contents) for up to 96 hours, just in case. You might leave them in a container outside or a container inside your home.

The Government of the Northwest Territories has given us some guidelines to follow about how much work to send. They are written below.

Time and Hours

If your child is in junior-kindergarten to grade 3

If your child is in grades four, five or six

If your child is in grade 7 and up at KTW

What is the work?

SAFETY and Paper Packets and Materials

How, When and Where

OFFICE Hours and Connecting Calls

Mrs Digness          

Miss Boggis          

Miss Schurman

10:00 am

11:00 am


VIDEOS and Other Ideas



Your Child’s Belongings



We thank you for your support during this time. This is a hard way to complete the third term of the school year, and we really miss the kids.

We know we have to do whatever it takes to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.

☺We miss you, we care about you, and we will all get through this together.

Much Love,

KTW Team

Miss Boggis, Miss Schurman, Mrs Digness, Sally, Mrs Tapper, Mr Penney, and Miss Lamoureux